Hello, I'm Alleliua and this is my simming journal. The user-name is also my general handle around the simming community (when I'm not going by "Alle") and yes, it's spelled wrong, but that was on purpose.

Here you'll find copious amounts of pic-spam, documentation of any challenges I happen to do, the occasional sim upload, and me rambling on about the Sims 2 in general. I'm not around as much as I used to be, but try to pop in when I can.

Add me and I'll add you back, but the only thing I friends-lock is me whining!

I am a fairly unexciting creator, but since Rosie asked and it was a good question, here's my TOU:


Everything I do is highly reliant on other people's awesomeness, so whatever you want to use my sims/stuffs for is cool by me <3
A particular note, though, for pixel-traders and the like, naming/renaming my sims if you're using them is more than okay. Especially the GoS Sim challenge sims and random "here's a pretty" sims, their names are basically placeholder names anyway.

Libris ISBI - Generation D Downloads + Heir Poll

Well there is certainly a bumper crop of potential torch-holders this generation! Under the cut, find info and download links for each, plus the inevitable heir poll.

Some general download info: Skintone and eyes are geneticised + towniefied, eyebrows may be binned, files have been renamed to remove special characters so watch for duplicates, I recommend using Clean Installer. CC-free (base-game content only) and as-pictured versions included in the download along with credits and BS screenies. Feel free to rename, tweak or generally do what you like with them.
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Libris ISBI - Generation C Downloads + Heir Poll

Hello all! Here are the next generation of kids from my ISBI, for your downloading pleasure. Remember, skintones and eyes are geneticised and townified, and all your CleanInstaller and BodyShop screenies are in each .rar. Also even if you don't want them (or have any clue what this is about) please vote in my heir poll I need help! Poll closed, thanks all of you! Looks as if (surprise surprise) Cedric is my new torchholder :)

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Libris ISBI - Heir Poll!

Hi all! I've been spamming an ISBI over at tumblr, which you can check out here if you like :)
Anyway, I'm desperately in need of help with picking an heir and mini-challenge for the next generation, so if you could take a look-see under the cut and vote for somebody I'd much appreciate it!

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sim downloads

I took a round of sim reqests over at tumblr, and as a result made 12 sims.
I figured I'd post links here too - click the picture to go to the appropriate download post.
All sims are uploaded with cc-free and cc-included variants.
Skintone and eyes will be gen/town, eyebrows may be binned.


mag, wes and tia - 3 sims for download

Well, wow. It's been a long time!

I hope all of you have been well. I certainly have, and I'm around, although I probably will continue to post very little in the future - lurk mode just seems easier at the minute. Anyway, I thought I'd give you some sims, three in fact, which will nearly double my sim uploads for the year sadly enough. So enough of my waffle, other to say, have a very merry Christmas/holiday season and a brilliant new year :)

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